(LLDPE : Linear Low Density Polyethylene)

MCM’s LLDPE water tube is used in water filtration units which is trustable in use of beverage machines, refrigerator, intermittent hot and cold machine. LLDPE offers a wide range of temperature and excellent dimensional stability, uniformity, various chemical resistance and economical system solution. It is very flexible and elongates under stress and used to make thinner films, tubing with better environmental stress cracking resistance.


– Meets FDA compliant and NSF61 requirements for food contact
– Made from 100% virgin resin material
– Chemically resistant and flexible

– Economical system solution
– Wide range of available colors
– 100% inspection for diameter

CodeSize(Code)Colors (Code)Application:
Water Filtration Only
CertificationMaximum Pressure and
Temperature Range
TBLL141/4”(14)Blue (B)
White (W)
Gray (G)
Orange (O)
Natural (N)
Black (K)
Cold and intermittent hot
water applications
Water purifications
Water conditions
Potable water
Low pressure
NSF 61
FDA compliant
20℃ (70℉) 15bar / 230psi
65℃ (150℉) 8bar / 120ps
TBLL313/16”(31)White (W)

100% Automated production & inspection

– Full Automated System
– Quality Stability of Vacuum Chamber
– Auto alignment Winding System /Tension Control
– Outside Diameter Inspection System
– Surface Inspection System

Dual Tube