Benefits of MCM Express-fit

Vision Inspecting System

Vision inspecting system is automatically measured the shape of collet by scanning it from 8 sides to measure and inspect for any defects including burrs around the teeth and OD precise measurement in between each teeth. Especially this system can inspect any demanded or unfinished OD/ID and 100% full lot inspection.

Full Automation System

MCM Express-fit fittings with full automatic system line and our production system guarantee the equal products.

Automatic Production Line


Outgoing Inspection System
– Water Pressure Leak Test

– Air Pressure Leak Test

Easy Installation System

MCM Express-fit fittings provide convenient installation and easy to disconnect.

connection1 1. Cut tube vertically & insert tube
connection2 2. Push up to tube stop
connection3 3. Pull to check secure
connection1 1. Push in collet
connection2 2. Remove Tube

Features of MCM Express-fit

  • Streamlined body minimizes the flux loss
  • Quality approved by global companies
  • High-Tech Production and Inspection Systems
  • FDA Compliant, NSF58 Standard
  • Stainless steel grab ring
  • NBR O-Ring Seal
  • 100% leak tested in production
ApplicationsMarketsCompatible Tubing
- Beverages
- Beverage dispensing
- Polyethylene
- Water
- Water filtration
- PERT Tube
- Foodcetal
- Bottling
- Polyethylene