Water Valve Differentiation

Product Design

Double O-ring Sealing
  • More liable Leak Point Improvement
Food Grade NBR O-ring
  • Tested and Certified by NSF International
  • Optimum hardness and thickness design
  • Good resistance from Tears, burrs
    by Tube compare to silicon material
Quick Connect Fitting
  • Easy water tube installation
  • Prevent external damage like scratch on tube surface.
100% Inspected Coil before production
  • Improve electrical working durability
Fine Surface Appearance
  • Upgrade application
Global Standard

Automatic Production

Production capacity : 3,000,000pcs/year
  • Automatic Production with electrical and leak inspection
  • In-house manufacturing from Raw material to assembled parts
  • Minimized Human Error
  • Satisfied over 17 kinds of key inspection

In-house Production line

In-house Inspection line

Manual Assembly System
  • Small amount of product production and sample development

100% Inspection

■ Zero defect in the market
■ Equipped with 100% Leak & Performance Test system
■ Satisfied over 17 kinds of key inspection system

Electrical Inspection
  • Insulation resistance
  • Power resistance
  • Withstanding voltage
  • Operating Voltage
  • Voltage Current value
Molding Inspection
  • Snap, Crack, External damage
Bobbin and bracket
Air Leak Seal Proof / Flow rate
Wire Soldering Vision test

Product features and benefits

Production Applications

Water tank + water valve + water filter integrated system
Product features and benefits


Simple system configuration


Approximately 50% of the system configuration reduces assembly time